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Let us first discuss the Parameters in Astrology which point out Cancer Disease Treatment for the same. On the 29th Sept. My Wife also suffered from Brest Cancer and I know the pain one has to go through the same. I have been thinking for long why dont we use the Medical Astrology to forsee what kind of Diseases one can suffer and take preventive measures. I am afraid no Astrologer has seriously taken up this subject to be used for the benefit of the mankind. I can say with confidence Cancer Disease Can be forseen before it occures and Preventive measures can definitely help together with Medical Science.

This can go a long way if Astrology and Medical science work together in this field and do miracles.

Astrological Reasons and Remedies for Illnesses

Planets in Sarp Dreshkanne. Friend's Email Address. Your Name. Your Email Address. Menu Menu.

October 18, No Comments. Planets in Gandantha specially between the watery and fiery sign 7.

Use of Astrology for Cure of Diseases

Placement of the Lagna Lord, 8th Lord and Moon are also to be seen in the chart 7. He has Mars and Ketu in Sarp Dreshkanne. Sura Surnam Rahu Rog Harnam. Ketu is disease giver and Rahu is Remover. On the 9th Sept.

As per Medical Astrology Planets in the watery signs 4. Cover your mouth and politely ask others around you to also cover their mouths completely as they are about to sneeze to avoid spreading germs to others.

We Indians feel it an obligation to visit someone in their sickness to show our compassion for them. This doesn't make sense in light of all the contagious diseases that are going around these days. Please try to avoid this and explain your health concerns as the reason for not visiting the person while they're sick. You may mention that you're looking forward to getting together with them once they have fully recovered.


Astrology Disease Predictions - Disease Vedic Astrology

As illnesses increase, it's important to understand the astrological aspects to add some added protection. Reasons for Illnesses: The reason for long term illnesses or illnesses that are hard to treat lies in the negative karma from past lives. Signs of Illness on the Palm: Any islands on the heart or life line denote some kind of illness. A life line that has many cuts on it also shows potential illnesses.

Anyone who sweats a lot on the palms is also not a good sign, so be careful about your health.

Any star or mole on the mount of Moon denotes problems. If the thumb bends towards the index finger it shows low immunity and willpower.

A lifeline that is not properly rounded and pretty much goes straight down on the palm also shows a lowered immunity in the body. Take limited amounts of proteins and carbohydrates. Drink at least 3l of water everyday if there's no medical contradicting this. Never keep trash in your home.

Always wipe up the water after you take a shower. Keep the color of your main planet with you always. Take the trash out of the ktichen before sleeping. Take some turmeric either with plain water or milk to improve your immunity. Do you have anything more to add? Feel free to leave comments below. Horoscope of a person can show the health status and susceptibility for some disease at certain age etc.

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