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Advani should have left this world I once did extensive analysis and posted it in VA group I think few years before Inshort failed on those three hororscopes Let us debate and discuss which method is more useful as one or methods seem to contradict other. The native will enjoy Deerghayu if they are mutually friends. He will have Madhyayu if they are mutually neutrals and will have Alpayu if they are mutually enemies.

Method 2: The native will be longlived enjoy Deerghayu if — 1 The lord of the Lagna be stronger than the lord of the 8th house, 2 The lord of the rising Navamsa be stronger than the lord of the 8th from Navamsa Lagna, 3 If the lord of the sign occupied by the Moon be stronger than the lord of the 8th from the Moon, 4 If the lord of the Moon's Navamsa be stronger than Ihe lord of the 8th from it. If otherwise, the reverse will be the result.

Yogic methods cover the entire field of our existence — from the physical, sensory, emotional, mental, and spiritual to the highest Self-realization. It includes all methods of higher evolution in humanity — physical postures, ethical disciplines, breathe control, sensory methods, affirmations and visualizations, prayer and mantra, and complex meditative disciplines. Yoga understands the nature and interrelationship of the physical, subtle and formless universes into the boundless infinite beyond time and space, and shows us how these also exist within each human individual.

Yoga is the fruit of the teachings of the Himalayan sages, going back to what yogis regard as the beginning of this particular world age or cycle of civilization some ten thousand years ago. It is said to carry on the traditions of earlier, spiritually advanced teachings which present civilizations have forgotten.

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Yoga is a distillation of wisdom from the myriad of sages throughout the ages, the ongoing legacy of the spiritual urge of humanity, as adapted to the particular requirements of each age and each person. It is like a wide and luxurious banyan tree spreading out our higher potentials and giving them strength and nourishment. Yoga and Ayurveda are sister sciences that developed together and repeatedly influenced each other throughout history. They are integral parts of the great system of Vedic knowledge which states that all the universe is One Self and that the key to cosmic knowledge lies within our own minds and hearts.

As Vedic disciplines, yoga and Ayurveda work together to enhance their great benefits on all levels.

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They can be integrated with related Vedic or yogic sciences of astrology, architecture, music and language for an even broader approach. Yoga is first and foremost a science of Self-realization.

Its concern is spiritual practice, mainly through meditation, to take us beyond the sorrow and ignorance of the world. These Karmic records can be erased, only by the grace of God and constant sadhana. Apart from the above two, a spirituallyaccomplished person can also help us to lead a healthy life, besides medical care. According to the famous Ayurvedic sage Vagbhata, Pitta has the characteristic of fire pittam-vahnihi.

Therefore, when the Sun or Mars becomes unfavourable, one suffers from diseases due to heat such as constipation, measles, ulcers, skin eruptions, small-pox, burning sensation, etc. Unfavourable Moon and Venus produce diseases caused by water such as swellings in different parts of the body.

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Saturn brings about diseases due to wind. Mercury brings about diseases such as brain fever, typhoid, etc. Jupiter brings about deafness. If in the birth horoscope, any planet is functionally a great malefic, then, during the major, sub, sub-sub period of that planet, the respective disease would make its appearance.

If the 6th house is afflicted, there can be digestive tract disorders. Natural malefics in the 6th house may create hyper-acidity and gas trouble. The same holds good for the 6th house Papa Shashtagatha Tadodararuja. Anything less than 7 is dangerous. The best foods to be taken are Vedic Foods, which are low in acidity and cholesterol. To maintain the Acidity- Alkalinity ratio, you consume grams fruits and grams vegetables daily and avoid non-natural food.

Natural foods are alkaline and nonvegetarian food are basically acidic. If the 12th house is afflicted by malefic planets, then there can be affliction to the feet. We have seen many a patient suffering from 12house affliction, which manifests as problems on the feet.

Similarly, 4th house affliction means trouble to the heart. Affliction to any house indicates affliction to the corresponding part of the body.

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Affliction to the first house indicates problems to the head. The planets correspond to the different physiological systems of a human being thus:. Looking at Vedic Medical Astrology from a logical perspective : - If you look at the statistics for major health problems suffered by the mankind, you can observe that men suffer mostly from a specific set of diseases and on the other hand women suffer from a different set of diseases and then there are common diseases suffered by both men and women. Diseases common to all both men and women : Asthma, Skin Diseases, Allergies, Headaches, Vision problems, Respiratory problems, Hearing problems, Stomach disorders, sexual problems, Obesity etc.

Diseases common among Women are: Cancer is common among women, especially Breast Cancer, Thyroid malfunction, and problems related to reproductive system. Here is another secret, which the ancients knew, but the modern science has no idea about it. But after the first intercourse one has with the opposite sex, one has entered a new energy field which could prove deadly to each other or extremely favourable; that is the important reason why in India horoscopes are matched before marriage and carnal pleasures are forbidden for both boys and girls before marriage.

Ancients knew the secrets of bio-energy. By considering the intensity of affliction of these planets, the strength or weakness of the respective organs can be ascertained. Waning Moon brings about the dosha of the lord of the Rasi which its occupies; Full Moon brings about kapha only.

Raja yoga (Hindu astrology)

If the Sun and Mars are unfavourable, diseases due to the inflammation of pitta bile become manifested. Types of Diseases There are two types of diseases, viz.

Sannyas Yoga (Vedic Astrology) with Example Horoscopes

These two can again be sub-divided thus : Nija into Sarirotha and Chittotha; and Aaganthuka into Drishta nimittaja and Adrishta nimittaja. Bodily diseases are of four kinds, viz. The classification of diseases can be represented thus :. Astro-indicators The bodily diseases sarirotha can be determined by considering the strength of the 8th house, its lord, the planet aspecting or occupying it. Anger, fear, sorrow, desires and such emotions bring about mental diseases. They have to be determined by considering the relationship between the lords of the 5th and the 8th.

The Drishta-nimittaja diseases — curses, incantations and falls from elevation — should be ascertained from the 6th house, its lord or the planet aspecting the 6th house or the planet occupying the 6th house.