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Year of the Dragon - Chinese Zodiac Dragon

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Dragon (zodiac)

Sheep Goat Wild Boar Pig. Water buffalo Ox Cat Rabbit. Turtle Monkey. Many choose their careers over marriage. Nevertheless, those who get wed make for great wives. Dragons and Monkeys are compatible because they are both imaginative and innovative.

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Dragons are attracted to the humor and reliability of Rats. Their personalities also complement each other. Although Dragons and Rabbits have the same interests, they can only put up with each other to some extent. It is difficult for them to maintain a peaceful relationship since they are independent and stubborn.

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People born in the year of the Dragon are quick thinkers and excel at mentally-exhausting tasks. Because of this, they are fit for engaging careers in fields like arts, politics, and education. Dragons are at their best when working in groups because they tend to indecisive when working alone.

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Although they are great at planning and coming up with ideas, they need assistance with the intricate details. Dragons rarely get sick but when they do, it can be a real cause for concern.

Their health is sometimes neglected when they become too invested in work. Problems with friends and family can have an adverse effect on the mental health of Dragons. They may also suffer from insomnia. To avoid health problems, Dragons must remember to make time for much-needed rest and relaxation. The year of the Rat should generally be a good year for Dragons.

Two lucky stars are shining upon them. They must still have to be cautious as there are also two bad stars over the horizon. Nonetheless, the effects of the lucky stars should be able to neutralize the effects of the bad ones and bring them luck and fortune. Unlike the previous year, the Peach Blossom luck is particularly strong on Dragons in the year of the Rat. This means that romance is not a strong suit for them in Nevertheless, Dragons can still enjoy their moments alone.

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Dragons who are in romantic relationships may face struggles. They will sometimes have difficulty keeping their composure and lash out on their partners for no reason. The financial outlook for Dragons in the year of the Rat is mediocre. Things are not at all bad in terms of health because the Dragon natives will encounter no severe problems.

Of course, you should not forget to have a healthy diet and daily exercises! The recommended colors are golden and emerald, and only wearing these colors they will be able to avoid bad luck. Any types of accessories are welcome! Greetings for the Earth Pig Year o: May wealth always come your way. May it be auspicious and as you wish. Many of those that are retired are requested to come back as examples for the younger ones. Some problems arise with the documents regarding their activity so far; they are not unsolvable, but they are time-consuming and they bring back memories.

They keep having an active social life which could bring them unsuspected opportunities. Many start implementing plans that they have been thinking about for quite a while or they start getting involved in new projects. This is not only up to their professional skills, but it is also up to their capacity to cooperate with others. This period is less favorable changing the workplace; the best thing to do would be to adapt to the new conditions.

The demands on social and professional levels could make them cut down on the time spent doing activities together with the members of their families.