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However, during the month, transit Saturn will give results of Scorpio Sign Mars will be transiting in Leo Sign throughout the month.

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Mercury and Sun will also be moving in the same sign most of the time. Venus will be transiting in Cancer Sign in the beginning of the month and will move to next sign of Leo on 15th September In any case, if Moon Sign is not available, the predictions should be read by the first vowel of the name by which native is known. During year , Sun will start its transit from Capricorn Sign on 14th January Mercury transit for most of the time in eleventh house will give positive results. Venus transit is also favorable. Overall this month can be considered to give positive results most of the time during the month for those who are born with Virgo as their Moon Sign Ketu is changing its sign from 18th August and moving to Capricorn Sign.

Moon sign born with Pisces, Leo and Scorpio will find this transit most auspicious. This transit will have generally good results except a few signs that will not get the desired results during this transit depending upon the Moon Sign of the native. However, the true picture can be ascertained only after looking at the other planetary position i.

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Rahu placed with other planets, aspect of other planets on Rahu and the Sign Favorable placement of Sun ensures success in life particularly in the field of job or profession. Sun is also supposed to bestow great political power and fame. Followings are the results of Sun in different houses of the chart Sun will be transiting in Aquarius Sign in the beginning of the month and will move to next Sign of Pisces on 14th March However, strength and degree, placement and Dasha period of a planet in a chart should also be taken into account as these factors may amplify or lessen the results Leo:- Sun will be transiting through your second and third house during the month.

Jupiter is also transiting your first house and will show its positive results at a slow pace. Transit of Saturn in third house will give positive results most of the time This month will generally be considered favorable for those who are born with Gemini as their Moon Sign. Jupiter has moved to fourth house past month bringing some good hope.

Saturn transit in sixth house is generally considered favorable and assures victory over opponents Scorpions wait only for few more days. Luck will start bestowing good results upon you in later part of the month day by day. Second half of the month will start giving you favorable results in spite of hurdles you might be facing in the past This month will give average results for those who are born with Leo as their Moon Sign. Transit of Mars in fourth and third house will give positive results after 17th June Saturn transit in fourth house may cause unnecessary tensions and may keep you agitated This month will give average results.

Jupiter is transiting your fifth house during this period which will give auspicious results. Rahu presence with Jupiter may cause some hurdles at your professional front and may prevent you to reap the good results of Jupiter After couple of years of married life some misunderstandings creeps in this relationship in the form of disagreements and differences of opinion. Ego may be in the bottom of this disturbance. Ego keeps us trapped and do not provide opportunities to come out of our self Mars will transit from 20 February to 16 June in Scorpio which is his own sign. Mars in the sign of Scorpio is goal oriented and has the strong quality to exploit others.

This transit will give favorable results for those who are born with Gemini, Virgo and Capricorn From 11th August , Jupiter will move to Virgo and will remain there till 12th September This transit will have generally good results except a few signs that will not get the desired results during this transit depending upon the Ascendant or Moon Sign of the native These predictions of each Sign for are based on the Moon Sign.

Transit of Planets in Panchang Mars will transit from 24 December to 20 February in Libra Sign. Here are the transit results of Mars during this period. This transit will give favorable results for those who are born with Taurus, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius as their Moon sign. Mars will transit from 03 November to 24 December in Virgo Sign.

This transit will give favorable results for those who are born with Aries, Cancer, Scorpio and Sagittarius as their Moon sign. These are the transit results Yearly predictions of a particular Sign are the transit movement of various planets during one year. In Vedic Astrology, Ascendant and Moon play very important role in predicting the future events. Here predictions of each Sign for are based on the Moon Sign Jupiter is one of the biggest planets in our Solar System.

In Astrology, Jupiter has very important role to play for a native to lead a successful and religious life. Followings are the results of Great Jupiter in various houses of a horoscope From 31st January , Rahu will move to Leo and will remain there till 17th August Moon sign born with Gemini, Libra and Pisces will find this transit most auspicious. Rahu will join Jupiter on 30 January in the Sign of Leo where Jupiter will already be transiting Mars is considered malefic but for Cancer and Leo ascendant, this becomes Yogkaraka and bestows the native with prosperity and wealth.

Gemini Ascendant or Gemini Rising Sign(2019)

Followings are the results of Mars in difference houses of the chart Seventh lord Venus is in good position with Jupiter. Second half of the month is auspicious. This may enhance the possibility for Aries born to get engaged during this month if Jupiter and Venus are strong and well placed in the chart Rahu will confer materialistic pleasure but at some cost while Ketu will take away but will reward with self realization and liberation. Rahu is the material world, Ketu is the spiritual world. If placed adversely in the chart, Ketu can cause lack of confidence This month will give mixed results.

You are running second phase of Sadhe Sati which may create unnecessary tension in life. Family members will be generally supportive except spouse. There may be difference of opinions with spouse Mercury will transit in its debilitated Sign of Pisces on 28th March. Mercury will move to Aries on 12th April. This month family life will be comfortable and you will try to enjoy the company of your spouse.

Atmosphere at workplace will be cordial but after 14th April you may face problems This is an auspicious placement for the entire year. Financial position will be sound. Jupiter will transit in your fifth house. Some auspicious ceremony may take place take at your home. You will feel enlightened and will be inclined to earn more knowledge This placement would bestow some good results.

There should be an improvement in the ability to fight back with adverse situations Seventh house in the horoscope is considered for various marriage aspects like delay in marriage, timing of marriage, compatibly, success of married life and so on. For this other aspects should also be examined e. Navmansha chart and Major and Sub-period These are the general predictions based upon Moon Sign and transit of other planets in January Mars will transit in Capricorn till 3rd January Natural benefic planets cannot be considered benefic for all the ascendants.

In Indian Astrology, the benefic or malefic result of planets has been categorized according to the Ascendant. As Such, Jupiter, Moon and Venus which are considered natural benefic planets can play role Aries Ascendant is governed by Mars.

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Nature of such native will resemble the qualities of Mars. Impatient, straight-spoken and quick in nature, he believes in direct actions. He will get angry soon but at the same time his anger will last no longer From 2nd November , Saturn is transiting in the next house Scorpio. Moon sign born Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius born will face worst result of this transit. Moon Sign born Gemini, Virgo and Capricorn will have good results of this transit. Ketu, if placed favorably in horoscope, brings a lot of luxury, wisdom. If unfavorable, he causes unnecessary depression, poor concentration, boundless worries, anxiety and ghost related problems.

Here are the general predictions of Ketu in different houses of a chart Rahu is a powerful and malefic planet. This is a favorable planet of the politicians. He gives them great opportunity and power to rise in the politics through any means fair or unfair. Ketu is known as a planet for salvation.

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It behaves like Mars. Ketu indicates spiritual power in a person. If exalted in the chart, one can get salvation and may get himself free from the cycle Hessonite Gomed ensures relief from the malefic effect from Rahu. It clears the confusion in mind and gives stability in life and enhances positive energy of Rahu. If Rahu is weak by placement in the chart Exalted Jupiter in 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th house of a chart are like an asset to the native which bestows everything in life including wisdom, health and all round prosperity According to Indian Astrology, Mars plays very important role in one's marriage.

If Mars is placed in 1st 4th 7th 8th or 12th house of a horoscope, the native is said to have Kuja Dosha or Mangal Dosha Moon placed in Scorpio. He suffers from water related diseases and always complains of cough and catarrh Weak Mercury causes difference of opinions between husband and wife and brings stiffness in the relationship which may result in divorce.

Exalted Mercury will make its native a successful businessman Saturn is the lord of two auspicious houses namely 4th house and 5th house representing Capricorn and Aquarius Signs. Therefore, Saturn is considered the most auspicious and give desired benefic results Ketu is planets known for spirituality. The person influenced by the planet is gifted with spiritual achievements. His other interests also show his bent towards religious and secret awareness including supernatural powers The general purpose of Maa Katyaani Pooja is to pray the Goddess for the early or timely marriage of an individual mostly girl.

Even the boy who is facing such problems is suggested to perform this puja Mars, Saturn, Sun, Dragon's Head Rahu and Dragon's Tail Ketu have adverse effect on marriage if these planets are associated with seventh house or its lord. Particularly, Mars has very destructive role Do not afraid.

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  8. Depression is part of our life. Face it and adopt these simple TEN steps to minimize the biting effect of depression Subtle energies are unseen forces which can fulfill the life of an individual with immense energy to bring upon overall improvement in the life. Subtle energy may be described as vibrating energy stored in various layers of our body Saturn is considered a malefic planet in Astrology.

    But when placed in beneficial sign and house, he bestows a person with great wealth and fame Rudraksha bestows the wearer with overall health, wealth, prosperity and worldly pleasures and yet it keeps him unattached with this materialistic approach. It is observed that Rudraksha controls the various chakras in the body Those who are in the field of surgery, medicines, marketing, technical, computer, electricity, fire- works manufacturing, engineering etc. Ascendant and Ascendant lord both play important role to know the way of thinking and entire individuality of a person.

    Apart from Manglik and other factors for match making, this fact should also kept in mind Career is one of the most important aspects of an individual. Astrology not only emphasises the inclination of an individual towards a particular field but it also helps in finding out the suitable sector of career This yoga is considered auspicious giving prosperity Apart from nine planets, all the twelve different houses in a horoscope represent human body parts and diseases related to them Gem Stones are considered a powerful tool in Astrology to give power to the weak planets which otherwise are beneficial in the horoscopes.

    Each planet has Gem Stone of its own according to colour and the capacity of the gem First house indicates mind, personality and face, second house voice, third house arms and chest, fourth house heart etc and so on. Bad effect of malefic planets on these houses may create health problems Emerald is extremely beneficial for the students of Law and Commerce.

    Children with weak memory can also be benefitted by this gem. Emerald should be worn by businessmen, traders, accountants As per Indian Astrology texts, if Bhakoota is auspicious, it ensures successful marriage. Gunas are matched on the basis of Ashtkoota. Bhakoota is 7th in the Ashtkoota.

    Sagittarius and Gemini Compatibility In Bed, Love and Marriage Life

    Bhakoota is directly related to the mental plane of husband and wife This bead is also recommended to those who are unmarried and seeking suitable soul mate for happy married life. It is believed that this bead also helps in progeny Venus is the planet well known for love, romance, sex, beauty, music, dance and recreations sources.

    This is also known as Morning Star and can be easily recognized when seen in the north direction early in the morning Sun represent father, moon mother, Mars and Mercury younger brother and sisters and Jupiter elder brother. They generally attracts towards Aries ascendant. Their 5th lord is Jupiter and 9th lord is Moon. They have good relation and compatible with Cancer and Pisces ascendant.

    They have normal relation with Capricorn Ascendant. Scorpio Ascendant is not compatible with Aries Ascendant. They generally attracts towards Taurus ascendant. Their 5th lord is Mars and 9th lord is Sun.

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    They have good relation and compatible with Aries and Leo ascendant. They have normal relation with Cancer Ascendant person. Sagittarius Ascendant is not compatible with Taurus Ascendant. They generally attracts towards Gemini Ascendant. Their 5th lord is Venus and 9th lord is Mercury. They have good relation and compatible with Taurus and Virgo Ascendant. They have normal relation with Aquarius Ascendant.

    Capricorn Ascendant is not compatible with Gemini Ascendant. They generally attracts towards Cancer ascendant. Their 5th lord is Mercury and 9th lord is Venus. They have good relation and compatible with Virgo and Libra Ascendant. They have normal relation with Sagittarius ascendant. Aquarius Ascendant is not compatible with Cancer Ascendant.

    They generally attracts towards Leo Ascendant. Their 5th lord is Moon and 9th lord is Mars. They have good relations and compatible with Cancer and Scorpio Ascendant. They have normal relation with Aries Ascendant person. Pisces Ascendant is not compatible with Leo Ascendant. They generally attracts towards Virgo ascendant. If you feel you are not compatibles with some of people in your life or in work place you can check their ascendant and deal accordingly.

    Compatibi lities are natural connections, consult for yours. Taurus is the ascendant in this horoscope. Aries rising is both positive and dynamic. Representatives of the fair sex with the ascendant in Taurus have the image of a good housewife, faithful wife and reliable friend. Now the position of Venus in your Navamsa chart would determine the fate of each of the relatives of your wife. Strong-willed, they are set in their ways. For a man, she represents his mother and later his wife, and his relationship with women in general.

    A sure shot sign that a Taurus man likes you, is when you get gifts, like scented potpourri, colorful candles, fashionable trinkets, etc. My son has Pluto conjunct is Ascendant at the moment. Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac. Since ascendant is a dual sign 7 th house pathaka sthana and create problem to his married life. With Taurus Rising, you may prefer the slow and steady approach to life. Akhanda Samrajya yoga is a rare and highly fortunate yoga and a powerful Raja yoga that confers rulership. However, in many cases, your stubbornness is actually a blessing. When Sun is posited in Lagna it is in Taurus sign and in enemy's camp.

    However if the Ascendant and sign both are dry your life-partner may be physically weak or lean.

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    Hi, you have reached the contact section of Vedicastrosevice. Apart from leaving his wife and baby and then informing us he has had affairs he has also confessed to now having another relationship. Houses And Planets. More on Taurus Ascendant, Rising Sign. Mars is the lord of the ascendant and situated in the second house. The woman with the Ascendant in Taurus is a good wife, the best friend and the most sensual lover.

    The Venus influence lends Taurus their love of beauty, luxury and sensual. This area of the chart begins with an important point called the Descendant, which is the sign on the cusp of the 7th house. A Pisces Ascendant appears to be a sentimental dreamer the bastard water sign cousin to Cancer whose head is in the clouds and is easily hurt. We have been doing good. A good house wife also. I am a Scorpio that was married to a Taurus man for 7 years. Wife will be more involved in wordly affairs rather than family members.

    Ascendant or Rising Sign - Taurus. His is due to the. Constellation Taurus the Bull, is an ecliptic constellation laying between constellation Aries and constellation Gemini. What ruins this perfect pairing is the Taurus loves routine and does not like change, a Scorpio is known for being daring and bold and making changes in life at the drop of the hat. Together, these signs represent the conception of all life.

    The astrology chart will reveal the ascendant on the first house cusp, and the other 11 signs on the cusps of the next 11 houses. Their forehead would be broad, neck thick and stout, eyes bright, hair dark, complexion clear. Her irresistible force met an immovable object- tm. If afflicted, marriage will be out of caste or to a widow in older age. And my moon,mercury placed in 6th house libra mutual aspecting jupiter in 12 th house. Because they only differ on one level, you experience internal peace. In Virgo ascendant Sun will not be fruitful due to being vyayaesh. She has long, luxurious hair, a strong jaw, nose, and eyes.

    What does it mean, what does it mean to have the ascendant in the zodiac sign of taurus? What is the meaning and the characteristics that has the ascendant in taurus sign? A scorpio with taurus ascendant is different in terms of character and physique to aries, taurus, gemini, cancer, leo, virgo, libra, scorpio, sagittarius, capricorn. I live my life to accommodate myself. It is pertinent to note here, how Saturn give good result to Taurus ascendant.

    Comforts from wife and conveyance is indicated. Both Venus and Mars are neutral towards each other. People of this ascendant should wear Blue Sapphire along with Diamond. For a Leo ascendant, Sun in the 10th house will give position of authority and. This table shows the zodiac signs of all the U. She symbolizes all feminine figures such as the mother, the wife, etc.

    I have two friends with sun in Taurus. An auspicious planetary combination formed in two ways, 1 all cardinal houses occupied by all malefic, or by all benefices. Mars transiting to the eighth house from its own house is not considered a favourable placement for marriage. Taurus and Virgo together love to surround themselves with beautiful things — an opulent home, gorgeous artwork, classy cars. What will be the result of Taurus rising when you were born, Venus is lord of Taurus sign. The conjunction to the Ascendant makes a person more marriage oriented, especially if Juno is in the 1st house.

    It's self esteem. Kriyananda is a true genius. Taurus led the rest of Zodiac in a raid on the mansion to rescue their errant member. You could face some issues. Taurus, cancer, Libra in 7th house. Posts about Ascendant written by Dhiraj Bakshi. Slow, steady, and capable are adjectives that we can safely attach to individuals born with a Taurus. When they feel threatened, their first instinct is to protect themselves. As Taurus is sign of Wealth, it shows that their Wealth may come from serving people. Venus in Taurus. Native may be good attachment with his mother and mother land.

    Sun in 5 th house in Leo sign and same time, Saturn, Moon and Jupiter are in 11 th house will create a Dhana Yoga and the native will be very affluent. During the latter part of the year, you will have a number of reasons to be happy. Jupiter in the Fifth House. It's easy to talk to her because she's knowledgeable and interesting. Such things about Ketu happens when Ketu is in 7th house not in 1st house. I am Scorpio rising; he is Virgo. I am so excited to say I have just met a Taurus man cancer woman and I already love him to no end and know he feels the same. As per Vedic Astrology Scorpio Ascendant native will have tall figure, stout stature, bean fed deceptively oriented broad fierce eyes.